The Dumbstruck Archive

A Collection of Texts and Images Relating to the History of Ventriloquism
A continuing, online supplement to Dumbstruck: A Cultural History of Ventriloquism (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000).
By Steven Connor

Performers (Reviews, Playbills, etc.)
Mr Fanning the Engastrometh (1650) 
Shelford Tommy (1797) 
Lee Sugg in Basingstoke, 1801 
Lee Sugg (1817) 
Monsieur Alexandre (Adelphi, 1821)
Monsieur Alexandre (Olympic, 1823)
Charles Mathews and Monsieur Alexandre (c. 1821) 
The Rival Ventriloquists! (1824) 
Monsieur Alexandre - Notices, 1821-6
M. Fitz James (1828) 
The Great Wizard of the North (1841) 
Mr Jacobs (1842) 
Mr. Love, The Polyphonist, (Illustrated London News, 1843) 
Ventriloquism and Mr. Love, (Howitt's Journal, 1847) 
Love's Entertainments (1847) 
The Ayrshire Ventriloquist (Duncan Macmillan) (1848) 
Strange Career of an Artist (1868)