Conjugating Michel Serres

Michel Serres Bibliography. List of Serres's writings and writings on him.

Michel Serres: The Hard and the Soft. A talk given at the Centre for Modern Studies, University of York, 26 November 2009. [pdf version]

Wherever: The Ecstasies of Michel Serres. A lecture given at Digital Art and Culture in the Age of Pervasive Computing, Copenhagen, 14 November 2008. [pdf version]

Michel Serres's Milieux. An extended version of a paper given at the ABRALIC (Brazilian Association for Comparative Literature) conference on ‘Mediations’, Belo Horizonte, July 23-26 2002.

Topologies: Michel Serres and the Shapes of Thought. A paper written for a conference on 'Literature and Science' conference in Ascoli Piceno, 20-22 May 2002. It is forthcoming in Anglistik in Autumn 2003.

Michel Serres's Five Senses. A paper given at the Michel Serres conference on May 29th 1999.