The Dumbstruck Archive

A Collection of Texts and Images Relating to the History of Ventriloquism
A continuing, online supplement to Dumbstruck: A Cultural History of Ventriloquism (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000).
By Steven Connor

Divination, Possession and Witchcraft

The Witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28)
Augustinus Steuchus (1529) 
The Holy Maid of Kent (d. 1534) 
Rabelais on the Engastrimyth (1564) 
The Fearful Vexation of Alexander Nyndge (1573) 
Nicole Obry and the Miracle of Laon (1578) 
Reginald Scot, Discoverie of Witchcraft (1584) 
Thomas Darling's Voices (1597) 
Martha Brossier (1599) 
Athanasius Kircher, Oedipus Aegyptica (1627) 
John Wagstaff, Question of Witchcraft Debated (1671)